15 Jun

I went to this restaurant once last summer, with my boyfriend and two friends of ours from Toronto, and I’ve been meaning to go back ever since. Well, I haven’t yet, but I’m still going to tell you about this place.

The concept is somewhat unusual: they encourage you to take your food home. Indeed, the restaurant is quite small – I only remember two or three tables, with one small window-side bench. Some of the meals to go (which I believe change frequently, but remain in a similar vein), are these:

  • Soup of the day: carrot soup or cold melon soup (with cantaloupe, honeydew, red onions, fresh basil and mint) (5$)
  • Salads of the day (4$)
  • Paëlla (16$)
  • Salmon gravlax (thin slices of raw salmon, cured and salt and dill) (13$)
  • Pork loin, gorgonzola sauce (14$)
  • Paprika chicken (this is one of their staples, the recipe comes from one of the chefs’ grandmother)

They do however also have a lovely terrasse, which seats 10 to 15 people, and on which you can sample one of the above with a reasonably priced glass of wine or beer, or one of these heavenly grilled cheese sandwiches, each served with zucchini coins:

  • Blue cheese and caramelised onions, on raisin bread (7$)
  • Arpenzeler cheese (hard cheese, made with cow’s milk, with a strong smell) and beef shoulder (8$)
  • Strong cheddar and apples (8$)
  • Goat’s cheese, bell peppers and merguez sausage (a red, spicy sausage popular in the Middle East, often flavoured with chili pepper) (8$)
  • Swiss raclette (made with raclette cheese, grison and french pickles) (8$)

I must admit the last one confuses me… it wasn’t on the menu when we visited last year, and I don’t quite understand why anyone would want to eat grison, but hey! If I remember correctly, two of my friends ordered the cheddar sandwich, one chose the arpenzeler, and I selected the blue cheese. I also chose one of their two 4$ desserts: a home-made, wonderfully spiced banana, chocolate and quinoa cake (the other choice being a strawberry cake). What I do remember, is that we all loved what we had, and that I would definitely recommend this place.

What’s more to love: all the breads (including rye bread, and sunflower seed bread) are from a lovely bakery in Hochelaga, Arhoma. Also, one of the chefs, Marc-André Paradis, is the owner of four other restaurants in Montréal: Les Infidèles, O’Thym, Les Héritiers, and Monsieur B — all of which you can expect me to visit in the near future.

leonard is satisfied

Leonard is satisfied.

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