Taza Flores

12 Aug

Thanks to a bit (a lot) of rain, I might’ve just found a new favourite restaurant of mine! Taza Flores has an original and extremely appealing menu consisting of a cold and hot tapas, ranging from Spanish to Moroccan inspired flavours. Here’s a sample:

  • Tilapia ceviche with coconut milk (12$)
  • Tomato, mozzarella and balsamic (9$)
  • Spanish tortilla with chorizo (7,50$)
  • Artichoke stuffed with ham, bacon and mushrooms (9$)
  • Dates wrapped in bacon, stuffed with chorizo and nuts (9$)
  • Lamb tagine with olives, lemon confit and ginger (12$)

Upon arriving, we were presented with a dish of golden fried chickpeas flavoured with cumin.

Tanya-the-Vegetarian ordered a pear salad with gorgonzola and nut oil (9$) and a plate of warm goat cheese with grilled vegetables (7,50$), and I chose bites of fresh figs wrapped with prosciutto and strong cheddar (8$) as well as a stuffed quail dish (11$).

The pear salad was delicious; the fruit was ripe and juicy, and the cheese flavourful without overwhelming the other ingredients. The added bite of the pine nuts, and the sweetness of the vinaigrette, rendered this fairly common dish surprising and quite satisfying.

Although she evidently enjoyed it, Tanya’s second dish was a little boring to me. Not in the least badly executed (the vegetables were perfectly cooked, the bread just crispy enough, and the cheese lovingly melted), the combination of ingredients and flavours simply did not wow me. The somewhat similar eggplant, goat cheese and roasted vegetable pizza (12$) probably would have been more exciting.

My first dish, although salty, was absolutely lovely. The strong cheddar complimented the figs wonderfully, and the prosciutto… well, prosciutto is always delicious.

Like a complete amateur, I forgot to take a photo of my quail dish… seriously. The meat was flavoured, according to our lovely waiter, with “Moroccan-inspired spices” such as cinnamon and cumin; stuffed with nuts, dates and cabbage leaves (unnoticeable in flavour, gorgeous in texture); and covered with a thick lemony sauce. Absolutely delicious, albeit a little awkward to eat, what with all the little quail bones.

We were then unable to resist dessert, and chose two to share: a citrus crème brûlée, and a Kahlua tiramisù (both 7$). Oh yes.

We both enjoyed the first dessert more than the second. Indeed, with its subtle, sumptuous flavours, the crème brûlée was impeccable. The tiramisù was too minty for Tanya, and too espresso-y for me (the bottom layer especially was completely drenched in coffee). Regardless, yes yes yes yes!

The overall atmosphere at Taza Flores, including decoration, music and service,  is excellent. The cocktails, reasonably priced, also sound wonderful (Vodka, Amaretto and pear juice? Ummm, yes please – 8$). My only word of caution would be to not come here when you are particularly hungry; although the food is great, the portions are not huge, and the prices not quite so cheap that you would allow yourself to order many more than two or three per person. We left entirely satisfied, but I can imagine wanting to eat more on a different day. For a small bite and some drinks, or for a light meal, this place is magical.

friendly leonard

Leonard is happy, and he invites you here for a drink.

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